ZF’s marine technology showcased in Australia

ZF’s marine technology showcased in Australia

Numerous new Australian vessels have recently hit the waterways fitted with ZF’s range of Marine Propulsion Systems, featuring a wide selection of leading technology available for pleasure crafts and yachts, as well commercial and fast crafts.

Containing diverse products such as transmission, propellers, thrusters, steering systems and electronic control systems, ZF’s product line up receives constant development, which sees the brand show the way with outstanding safety, reliability, economic operation, customer comfort and environmental credentials. Leading the way for local manufacturers in choosing ZF products are industry stalwarts such as Maritimo and Riviera.

A highlight has included the recent launch of a Custom Sport Fishing M59 motor yacht from Maritimo. Highly personalised by the Maritimo One customisation division, the vessel features a modified flybridge design, as well as significantly larger fuel reserves and adapted water tanks.

The bespoke M59 includes a pair of ZF 500-1A transmissions, a lightweight and robust aluminium design ideal for high performance applications.

In addition, the craft is fitted with ZF’s Joystick Manoeuvring System, which gives operators the ability to move the vessel sideways, rotate 360 degrees on its axis, or hold vessel position accounting for current and wind.

Using ZF’s iAnchor function as the base platform, ZF’s new ZF iDrift technology offers users the ability to control drift speed and direction when a vessel is in windy conditions, or even in combination with a strong current, all while maintaining the bow’s heading.

Completing the set on the M59 is ZF’s integration with the Sidepower S-link bow and stern thrusters, which are proportionally hydraulic controlled to provide total manoeuvrability.

This allows full control while incorporating the traditional shaftlines for surge manoeuvring, and both the shaftlines and a combination of thruster input for sway commands.

Another highlight is Riviera’s 50 Sports Motor Yacht, which continues to cemen­­t the reputation of the Gold Coast manufacturer. The release closely follows the design and styling cues of its sisterships, the 72, 68 and 64.

Mated to a selection of power plants are ZF’s 370 V remote mount marine transmissions, which are perfect for applications that utilise very large variations in engine speed and power.

Another local vessel which now relies on ZF Marine Transmissions is the MV Oracle, which received a retrofit ahead of its new life as a home-away-from-home for a retired couple.

Built originally in the year 2000 as a support craft for that year’s America’s Cup effort, the vessel has had a busy life in various roles around the region.

Ahead of its next chapter, the MV Oracle has been fitted with 2.5:1 ratio ZF 286A transmissions, which transfer power to the props from newly fitted 294kW engines at 2,500rpm.

Further information on the entire ZF Marine offering can be found at: https://aftermarket.zf.com/go/en/aftermarket-portal/marine/