Ultimate guide to Scuba and free diving for women

Ultimate guide to Scuba and free diving for women

Fierce female-led brand, SLO active, has announced the international launch of what they claim is the world’s most sustainable luxury oceanwear collection.  As a cause-lead brand, SLO active is dedicated to giving back to the ocean through it’s giving model, empowering the right people for the cause. A global brand with an equally global purpose: to clean up and protect our oceans.

SLO Active have recently published a guide, titled ‘The Ultimate Guide to Diving for Women’, a comprehensive guide intensely detailing the important facts that female divers need to know, including who are the historic pioneers of female diving and ocean conservation, plus a load of specific female-focused FAQs.

Born in New Zealand, designed in London and made in Italy, SLO active is a lifestyle brand with a purpose: a mission to clean up and protect the ocean through grassroots activism, selling sustainable luxury oceanwear and sharing profits with their ocean partners. For every piece bought, SLO active will donate to one of their ocean charity partners of the consumers choice. It’s as easy as selecting their size.

New Zealand born founder Janaya Wilkins aptly named the signature collection, Clean Lines. The limited, 7 pieces in the collection include: Spring Shorty Wetsuits, One Piece Swimsuits and Sports Crop bikinis. SLO active says that their entire signature collection was designed with careful consideration for every point of the product lifecycle. Inspired by the slow movement, SLO active are strong advocates for slow fashion, encompassing all things ethical and ecoconscious in one unified movement. Delicately crafted in a carefully selected family-run factory in Italy, SLO active’s pieces are made from plant-based neoprene alternative, FSC certified Yulex Pure™, with sustainable innovation at the forefront of their designs.

Oceanwear and activism is SLO’s cause at the heart of their business. With a generous giving model, named Earth to Ocean, SLO active aims to donate 3% of revenue (not just profits) from every piece purchased. Their carefully selected ocean charity partners include Changing Tides Foundation, Project Aware and Plastic Oceans UK.

SLO’s founder Janaya Wilkins developed a strong connection with the ocean from a young age and a deep concern for its conservation and future. As a lover of watersports, Janaya has experienced first-hand the marine pollution crisis impacting wildlife both underwater and on beaches.

“The ocean is the lifeblood of this world. Ecosystems both underwater and on the land rely on the ocean. 70% of Earth’s Oxygen is produced by the ocean. Without it, we simply would not exist. Over 20 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans every year, and it’s estimated that there are over 5.25 trillion plastic particles currently floating around in the world’s oceans.” – Janaya Wilkins, Founder & Designer of SLO active.

Link to The Ultimate Guide to Diving for Women: https://sloactive.com/womens-scuba-free-diving-guide-international-womens-dive-day/.

Photo source; Sarah Richard – girlsthatscuba.com