Seakeeper 1 sales soar in Australia

Seakeeper 1 sales soar in Australia
Since its launch in Australia earlier this year, sales for the latest release from the world’s leading gyro stabiliser brand, the Seakeeper 1, have eclipsed all expectations.

Boaties are gaining a deeper appreciation for the benefits of stabilisers and a greater understanding of the differences in technology between the respective brands, ultimately leading to strong demand for the superior technology of the Seakeeper.

A number of Seakeeper 1 units have been installed in popular brands such as Whitley, Grady-White, Cobia, Veitch Boats, Cootacraft, Edencraft and the Haines Group who are fitting Seakeeper 1 units into two Haines Signature 788SF’s as a factory fitted option and other leading trailer boat brands, with many local and international boat manufacturers offering Seakeeper installation within the design and construction of their boats.
Aiding the local growth and popularity of the smaller Seakeepers in the range Australian Distributor Twin Disc Pacific has appointed a number of new Seakeeper DC Dealers to help promote the Seakeeper brand, offering new boat installs or retrofits for existing boat owners.
Short Marine in Sydney recently retrofitted a Seakeeper 1 into a Grady-White 271 Canyon for a customer, whilst signing on to represent the brand.
“Along with Short Marine we have appointed Aqua Mobile Marine & Finesse Marine in Qld, Davey Marine and Edencraft Marine in Victoria and Pleisure Marine in WA who also supply, install and service the larger Seakeeper models in the range”, said Seakeeper Sales Executive Tom Kalic.
“The DC range including the Seakeeper 1, 2 & 3 are perfectly suited for trailer-able fishing and family boats with our Dealers recognising the benefits a Seakeeper brings to their clients boating experiences and wanting to represent the leading brand in the gyro market”, Kalic went on to say.
Seakeeper is a leading global stabiliser brand due to their unique technology that sets them apart from the other brands. Seakeepers operate using angular momentum versus torque and according to Calypso Star Shark Cage Diving Charter Operator Andrew Wright, “torque is all talk”.
So why is angular momentum a better measure of performance than torque? According to the distributors, “to put it simply, angular momentum is the most accurate measure of gyroscopic power. When you think of angular momentum, or gyroscopic power, the easiest way to understand it is to compare it to horsepower for an engine. Angular momentum is the measuring stick for how much stabilising power any given gyroscope can have, similar to how you know that a 60HP engine is going to provide far less power than a 250HP engine.”
“When you see “torque” listed for any given gyro stabiliser, it means the maximum torque output, measured in N-m (see, no time). So, what’s wrong with that? Well, nothing, but it’s misleading as a performance measurement because it doesn’t account for the wave period or the natural roll period of the vessel. This is important to account for because increases in wave period or a vessel’s roll period can cause a significant decrease in peak torque values and ultimately the effectiveness of the gyro to reduce roll.”
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Pictured: Twin Disc Pacific NSW Sales Manager Jason Harris (left) with Sam and Ryan Short from Seakeeper DC Dealer Short Marine