Sanctuary Cove Boating Festival major success for Maritimo

Sanctuary Cove Boating Festival major success for Maritimo

The inaugural Sanctuary Cove Boating Festival last weekend, held in lieu of the 31st annual Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show this year, has been a major success for leading luxury motor yacht manufacturer Maritimo.

Multiple orders secured at the festival and following days have further bolstered Maritimo’s forward order pipeline, which is now at record levels for the brand.

Maritimo also experienced a large volume of increased demand in the months leading up to the festival as boating families recognized Maritimo as the ideal platform to relax and recuperate, and cruise vast distances to holiday with friends and family amongst the challenges of 2020.

The Sanctuary Cove Boating Festival offered one of the first opportunities of 2020, for Maritimo and local owners and guests to connect in person and see Maritimo’s leading motor yachts within our award winning on water brand experience.

With a showcase that featured four iconic Maritimo motor yachts, Maritimo Racing technology and the diversity of special skills and craftsmanship of Maritimo’s passionate boat builders, with the 116 year old Katwinchar project on display – Maritimo had something for everyone at the weekend’s Sanctuary Cove Boating Festival.

However, it was the unveiling of what is coming for Maritimo, that stole the show. Maritimo revealed the S55 Sedan Motor yacht set for its world premiere in May 2021 in front of a private audience of Maritimo owner’s and guests.

The new S55 is the latest addition to the esteemed sedan motor yacht series, a series renowned for long range adventuring, offshore cruising, build integrity’ ocean tested stability and performance – features which form the foundation of Maritimo’s motor yacht building ethos.

“The new S55 brings together the combined skills and expertise of world class Maritimo craftspeople and epitomises our corporate culture and unyielding commitment to reaching motor yacht perfection,” said Barry-Cotter.

“The response to the S55 both here in Australia and internationally has been unrivalled and augers well for future sales of this model.

“We had literally hundreds of people visiting our on water brand experience centre each day of the show in a Covid safe and managed environment and many of them said they were wanting to upgrade their current vessel or get into boating for the first time as a way to relax and enjoy quality time with family and friends in a safe way”.

He said interest was high across the range of Maritimo models with sales of the M series flybridge motor yachts, X-Series Sport motor yachts, and several appointments scheduled for showings of the S55 development.

“With this being the first major boat show since February, it has positioned Maritimo extremely well as we head into 2021 and beyond,” said Barry-Cotter.