Rapsody Yachts announces the new Rapsody Tender Cabin

Rapsody Yachts announces the new Rapsody Tender Cabin

Rapsody Yachts, a high end yacht manufacturer based in Muiderzand, in the Netherlands, has launched the Rapsody Tender Cabin, a day boat and a variant of the current Rapsody Tender, but equipped with a cabin and a double berth of more than 2m.

The Tender Cabin is a derivative of the Rapsody Tender. Fitted with a practical cabin with spacious double bed, it offers a comfortable place to stay on the day boat. The large 1 by 1 metre hatch provides easy access to the cabin. When closed, the teak deck with herringbone structure serves as sun bed. The engine cover conceals a Volvo Penta diesel engine of 220 hp. The engine power ranges from 150 up to 300 hp.

The Tender Cabin is a centre console boat with classic lines, emphasised by a tumblehome stern and flared bow. The integrated refrigerators underline her practical comfort, as does a fitted toilet located in the cockpit.

The GRP construction of the V-hull makes for a very smooth cruise experience. Combined with a strong Volvo Penta diesel engine a top speed of 34 knots is achieved.

The Rapsody Tender is equally at home on both lakes and sea. Weight and width allow you to transport her to your favourite location.

The Rapsody Tender Cabin will make its world premiere at Dusseldorf Boatshow (19 to 27 January 2019) in hall 17 at stand C56.

Rapsody Yachts Marketing & Sales Director Cees Butter said, “This boat is versatile; it is a day-boat, but you always have the possibility to stay over for the night”.

“Last but not least there are two fridges on board to help you keep your head cool”.

Rapsody Yachts Owner Diederik van Golen added, “The Rapsody is defined by sheer stylishness and speed with its sleek hull and low profile cabin”.

“The interior of the Rapsody Tender is practical throughout. The helm is fitted with a spacious toilet. Both bow and stern have room for sun-beds and of course the large double berth inside”.

“Within 2 minutes you can be out on the water to enjoy the boat. The same applies when you get back, because you don’t have to struggle with a tent”.

And Designer Maarten Voogd commented, “The hull was developed to be swift, as well as safe and to generate no spray. Combined with a strong Volvo Penta diesel engine this makes for a maximum speed of 34 knots”.

Rapsody Yachts had its origins in yacht restoration, where exclusive and classic shipyard boats from the Netherlands and Scandinavia were renovated. In 1999, as a response to a growing demand for state-of-art motor yachts in the top segments, Rapsody Yachts started building new, classically contoured, high-speed motor yachts. Nowadays more than 350 Rapsody’s are cruising along the coastlines of Western-Europe and the Mediterranean.

For more information visit: www.rapsody.nl/en/portfolio/rapsody-tender/