Ramp Rage campaign gets results

Ramp Rage campaign gets results

The Boating Industry Association of Victoria (BIAV) has been the driving force of a ‘Ramp Rage’ campaign to get Victorian Government and the State Opposition to commit to spending the revenue collected each year from boating fees, back into boating. Currently, of the $27m raised each year only about $3m goes back into boating facilities and infrastructure.

With the state election looming, the good news for Victorian boaters is that as a result of the sustained advocacy effort of the Ramp Rage campaign, both major political parties have listened, and have now taken action

The Comparison Document shown below summarises each of their policy positions in relation to many of BIAV’s requested changes. It is clear that boaters now have bi-partisan support for the changes and improvements needed.

The BIAV has thanked both parties, and everyone that has had anything to do with the extensive advocacy and Ramp Rage efforts.

Irrespective of who wins the election the BIAV has indicated that they plan to work closely with the government to ensure delivery, and to see through the much needed changes and improvements.

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