Quick gyro stabilizer leads Italian line-up at SCIBS

Quick gyro stabilizer leads Italian line-up at SCIBS

Premium marine accessory specialist, Gineico will have a host of innovative, Italian-made yachting accessories, deck hardware and furniture on display at this year’s Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, 23 to 26 May.

Exhibiting in its usual position adjacent to the marina, Gineico will present an impressive array of boating and lifestyle accessories, including stainless steel swim ladders, Besenzoni helm chairs with integrated boat controls, the latest Idromar fully automatic 316 stainless water makers, LED backlit boat names and superyacht-quality folding deck chairs and folding cockpit tables.

Taking pride of place among the Gineico line-up is the Quick MC2 X-Series anti-roll gyro stabilizer, a revolution in the gyro concept, which since its launch at SCIBS last year has attracted a firm following among recreational boaties and commercial operators.

Since its January 2018 global debut, Quick has sold more than 300 units internationally, 15 of those in Australia since May 2018.

Captain Matt Sander has been skippering for close to 30 years and now helms the 44ft game fishing Assegai, ‘Megumi’. In collaboration with the boat’s owner and his wife, Matt did his homework and decided the Quick MC2-X 16 suited Megumi’s tonnage and size.

As Matt explains: “We were doing looking for a gyro and heard of an Italian gyro coming on to the market. So, we took a look, made our comparisons and went with the Quick. It’s more compact, uses a vertical flywheel and no cooling mechanism is required. The vertical flywheel distributes the weight evenly between the two bearings, which is good for maintenance and longevity.”

On charters and private outings with the owner and his family, Megumi runs out of Manly in Brisbane out through the South Passage Bar between North Stradbroke Island and Moreton Island, and generally fishes around Point Lookout and Cape Moreton.

“South Passage Bar is one of the worst passages in Australia,” asserts Matt. “It’s so unpredictable, with moving sand all the time. Any bar’s bad but this one is terrible, especially on a run out tide, and more so with wind.”

The Quick MC2 X-Series gyro makes “an unbelievable difference”, he says. “It adds to safety and stability and seasickness has dropped 70 percent. The boat doesn’t pitch from side to side. It just makes for a comfortable day out.”

After 10 months, the feedback is unanimously positive. “Gineico’s after-market service is second to none, and the warranty too, appealed as one of the major selling points. As a commercial operator, we can’t afford down time.”

The Quick MC2X stabilizers replace the traditional horizontal spinning mass and more complex water-cooled management system, with a patented more efficient vertically spinning mass and simpler air-cooled system. Smaller, Simpler and Smarter!

The vertically spinning mass central to the Quick MC2 X-Series stabilizers boasts simple, off-the-shelf bearings on either side that share the load. This design means the weight is evenly shared which means less friction and therefore a machine that reaches operating speeds faster and uses less power/energy.

The patented design is also approximately 30 percent smaller compared to other brands of gyro stabilizers on the market. That means these incredibly small, simple and efficient gyros are much easier to install in new designs or builds and just as easy to retrofit to exiting vessels.

Captain Luke Fallon, also a seasoned skipper for 34 years, runs 56ft game fishing boat, ‘Kekoa’ in Hervey Bay and from Cairns in marlin season.

Kekoa undertakes around 1,000 hours a year, Luke estimates, and attracts hundreds of local and international charter guests.

“I discovered the Quick gyro when I was researching about installing a stabilizer. We chose the Quick because it’s smaller, simpler and air-cooled, not water-cooled. We were retro fitting it and the Quick was a lot simpler to install.”

Kekoa’s Quick MC2 X-Series gyro was commissioned at the start of September 2018 and Luke, his crew and his clients couldn’t be happier.

“I love it, it’s awesome! The best thing ever! Just the comfort level is so much better. The reduced roll opens up a lot of areas for anchorages we wouldn’t normally be able to anchor in, so we can access areas we wouldn’t normally fish. It’s safer for crew and guests, moving around the boat as well.”

Suitable for vessels up to 250 tons the new MC2 X-Series stabilizers can be managed using the new remote touch panel with graphic display (multi-station compatible) available in sizes 4” and 5”.

The newly released MC2 Mobile App (available for both Android and IOS devices) records the performance of the stabilizers during sea trials so you can track your results.

Gineico represents premium Italian products and solutions to builders as well as a comprehensive refit service for smaller operators, refit facilities and boat owners. Experienced staff work closely with boat builders, designers and boat owners providing products so that the end result is the perfect solution every time.

Visit the Gineico Stand on the Promenade, adjacent to the Marina, SCIBS 2019, 23 to 26 May.

Pictured: Kekoa offshore fishing – Photo; Kelly Dalling Fallon