‘One day all boats will fly’

‘One day all boats will fly’

Imagine being able to skim the surface of the water without an impact from every wave. Imagine your time on the water being smoother, quieter, and 30% more fuel-efficient – Welcome to the world of the Flying Boat.

The SEAir Flying Tender utilises an innovative flight system with automatic foil trimming to make your time on the water easy and enjoyable. With simple push-button activation this new foiling machine is a stable platform that flies along 20cm above the water. The foils are retractable making beaching, docking and trailer transport easy.

The team at SEAir in France have developed the patented technology and have applied it for use in a variety of power and sailing boats. They are all passionate sailors and are constantly innovating with the goal of making foiling simple, affordable and within everyone’s reach.

Two sizes of the Flying Tender are currently in the range, the 5.5m and the 7.65m. Both can be ordered in one of three styles, Comfort, Premium and Exclusive. The 5.5m version will be on display to the Australian public for the very first time at the 2019 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show by the Australian importer, Standen Marine.

All SEAir Flying Tender 5.5’s include teak flooring, bolster seat for the ‘Pilot’ and the fully automated push-button electric hydrofoil system. The recommended engine power for the Flying Tender 5.5 is from 80hp to 115hp, and options on marine electronics, entertainment systems and additional seating are available.

To learn how to fly, visit https://www.standenmarine.com.au/buy/new-vessels-sale/seair/