Maritimo Racing X-Cat crash in season opener


Luxury cruiser manufacturer Maritimo’s international race team, Maritimo Racing, was involved in a high speed collision in the season opening race of the 2018 Union International Motonautique X-Cat world championships at Fujairah in the UAE last Thursday.

Maritimo’s Ross Willaton and Tom Barry-Cotter escaped serious injury in the collision, both were knocked unconscious. Willaton had to be taken to hospital as a precaution.

Team Australia collided with Maritimo on the first turn of the event and both boats were extensively damaged. Team Australia is undertaking repairs to enable it to race in the next series event, but the Maritimo vessel will be forced out of the next race while repairs are undertaken.

Maritimo CEO Garth Corbitt said it was extremely fortunate that both Willaton and Barry-Cotter did not sustain more serious injuries. “Competing at this level on the international stage is not for the faint hearted and we are just very grateful that Tom and Rossco are both OK,” he said.