Marina Gold Anchor training commences in USA  

Marina Gold Anchor training commences in USA  

Last November the West Coast USA based Marine Recreation Association (MRA) and the Marina Industries Association (MIA) based in Australia entered into a collaborative agreement to launch the Global Gold Anchor program. Two West Coast marinas were accredited leading up to the agreement. Training of West Coast Assessors for the program has now commenced with marina assessments to follow in November despite set-backs due to Covid-19.

Gold Anchor was first developed in the United Kingdom in 1988 by The Yacht Harbours Association (TYHA). In 2009 the MIA launched its own program and in 2013 the two associations launched a single Global Gold Anchor program. The program is analogous with star ratings for accommodation with a strong focus on customer service. The program is well established in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia and the Caribbean.

MIA President Andrew Chapman said the delay in implementing the agreement has been frustrating, but the strong will of both parties has resulted in its re-activation. “Gold Anchor accreditation is an excellent business improvement program as well as providing marketing and product differentiation   benefits. MIA is very pleased that MRA appreciate the value of Gold Anchor and we are totally committed to working with the MRA team as it is rolled out across North America.”

MRA President Scott Robertson said there is pent-up demand for the program. “We have both coastal and in-land marinas wishing to participate. MRA recognise the many industry development and promotional benefits the Gold Anchor program can deliver for our industry.”

Four senior West Coast marina personnel are being trained to conduct Gold Anchor assessments. During the first two years of the MRA Gold Anchor rollout each assessment will also be checked by Gold Anchor foundation partners the MIA and TYHA to ensure global consistency with the implementation of the standard.

Pictured: Safe Harbor Callibro Ise Gold Anchor Presentatiion