Govt. defers uncertified two strokes ban for 12 months

Govt. defers uncertified two strokes ban for 12 months

An announcement has been made by the Department of Environment and Energy that the Minister for Environment, The Hon Melissa Price MP, has amended the Product Emissions Standards Rules 2017 and extended the commencement of the supply offence by 12 months to 01 July 2020. This change will allow retailers an additional 12 months to sell remaining uncertified products such as two stroke outboard engines and PWC’s.

Many small engines, such as conventional two-stroke engines used in marine outboards and PWC’s, are high polluters relative to their engine size and usage, emitting a range of toxins into the water and the air. As substantial power is required to move small craft through water, even the better performing engines can emit far greater quantities of pollutants per hour than typical modern car engines.

A comparison of a conventional 15 horsepower carburettor two-stroke outboard and a 150 horsepower fuel-injected four-stroke outboard found that the smaller engine produced three times the emissions of the larger engine.

The Department has stated this one-off extension has been granted in response to concerns raised regarding the impacts the drought has had on retail demand, concentrated around the power equipment product segment. The extension, as well as allowing retailers experiencing difficulties more time to sell their remaining uncertified stock will also allow any retailer with non-compliant marine engine products an additional grace period to retail stock i.e. power boat retailers will be able to sell their remaining new 2 stroke outboards, already in Australia, up until 30 June 2020.

The offences relating to the import of non-compliant products commenced on 01 July 2018 and are not affected by this change, therefore there is no change to the ban on the importation of non-compliant marine products by any party into Australia.

The Outboard Engine Distributors Association (OEDA) has announced it will continue to work with Government, the Department, their dealers and boat builder partners to ensure a smooth transition to compliant marine products throughout their networks.

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