Enjoy the boating lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of

Enjoy the boating lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of

Enjoying the waterways in your own backyard just got easier thanks to a new membership-based, share boat club, Boatlife Society. The club concept makes ‘boatlife’ easy and affordable with a walk-on, walk-off boating experience.

Boatlife Society is unique in Australia, with smaller boats and a more affordable entry point compared to existing share boat programs. Boatlife Society memberships start at just $395 per month.

The idea is simple – you pay an annual or monthly fee and enjoy the boats at times to suit you. The vessels are ready and waiting for you at a marina, so you simply step aboard and enjoy your day on the water.

Boatlife Society Director Craig Greenhill said more people were looking to get into boating since COVID began and a membership-based club was an easy way to get on the water. “Boat clubs are popular in the United States and are quickly growing in popularity in the UK and Europe,” said Craig.

“We know people are looking to make the most of life here at home and that includes experiencing the freedom and fun of a boating lifestyle.

“You don’t have to own a boat to enjoy boatlife – owning a boat comes with a lot of hassle and responsibilities, while being a member of a boat club means that’s all taken care of so you can just get on the boat and enjoy time with family and friends.”

Boatlife Society is based in Rozelle, providing quick access to Sydney Harbour and the myriad of waterways leading off it, and in Akuna Bay in the picturesque Ku-Ring-gai Chase National Park.

Boatlife Society currently offers 5 metre and 6 metre boats which are simple to learn to use, easy to manoeuvre and can seat up to seven people. While you need a boat licence to join, Boatlife Society can connect new boaters to a simple licence course and there is a full induction to the boat for new members.

Mr Greenhill said Boatlife Society was born of a belief everyone should be able to enjoy the freedom and fun of life on the water. “We’re about making boatlife accessible and easy for everyone to enjoy,” he said.

“Boatlife isn’t so much about the actual boat, but where the boat takes you and the memories you create with friends and family.

“Here in Sydney, we’re blessed with the most amazing and extensive waterways – you can get out year-round to explore hidden places, stop for a swim or a beach picnic, go fishing or just enjoy the tranquility and fresh air.

“Everyone wants to be on a boat and now you can.”

Find out more at boatlifesociety.com.au