Dick Ash, develops a new range perfect for boaters

Dick Ash, develops a new range perfect for boaters

Dick Ash the name responsible for some of the grooviest beach clothes in Australia, including the Okanui range of shorts and shirts, has decided after almost 40 years to hand the that side of the business over to his niece, but in doing so, has included a new fashion style with the introduction of Dick Ash Designs, where he will produce a range of men’s cotton jackets, shorts and pant.

Dick said,” times are changing, and although the board short market is going extremely well, however as we live in a changing world, with a large variety of water craft we now use, and indeed our outdoor lifestyle has expanded, and in each of those environments we do want to look smart and modern, but don’t want the be “dressed up”.

He goes onto say, he had many clients ask him, and probably many of those were his young board short people, who have now grown up and want something a little smarter. Something nice to go boating in, and of course when you arrive at your destination, the outfit looks good to go out for dinner.

Dick recalls that he made his first pair of board shorts from an old canvas mail bag, from there went onto create the iconic range of Okanui surf wear. And it’s this same style of thinking that has seen him develop his current new range.

Dick Ash has spent many years travelling throughout the islands of the Pacific and loves the idea relaxed lifestyle clothing, this was a great influence to him. Dick states “My classic jackets, shorts, capri and long pants, all made in natural comfortable cotton and linen with a selection of beautiful colours, are just the ideal clothing for many outdoor activities”.

All Dick’s clothes are made in Australia, and even his care label says, ‘Proudly made in Australia’

The Dick Ash range of clothing can bee seen in full at www.dickashdesigns.com