Check, Service, Register – single-source, reliable info for inflatable lifejackets

Check, Service, Register – single-source, reliable info for inflatable lifejackets

The Boating Industry Association (BIA) has been commissioned by Australian Recreational Boating Safety Committee and the Australia New Zealand Safe Boating Education Group to build a new Lifejacket Consumer Portal to help educate and support consumers with information regarding Inflatable Lifejackets.

This website addresses a number of matters that intend to support consumers to better understand servicing process for their inflatable lifejacket, as well as having the ability to register to receive service tips and reminders.

The BIA is calling any business who is an importer, wholesaler or manufacturer to assist the BIA to ensure your products and retailer/ service agent network details are listed correctly.

The site, currently under development, is due for launch this month, and seeks to positively impact marine safety by means of:

  1. Educating the boating public on the types of lifejackets available for different applications
  2. Clearly communicating lifejacket owners’ responsibilities to service their lifejackets
  3. Providing a clear pathway to access relevant state specific legislative and compliance requirements
  4. Providing lifejacket owners the opportunity to register their inflatable lifejackets in order to receive service reminders and further lifejacket education (via email)
  5. Building a directory of lifejacket retailers and service agents for the various types of inflatable lifejackets in the market

Retailers, service agents and manufacturers are invited to come forward to ensure your business is being represented on the site. Please contact for further information.