BIAV backs Minister in bluefin tuna showdown

BIAV backs Minister in bluefin tuna showdown

The Boating Industry Association of Victoria (BIAV) recently became aware of the Commonwealth government’s intentions regarding forced changes to management arrangements for recreational fishing of Southern Bluefin Tuna.

“Minister for Agriculture in the Victorian Government Jaala Pulford MLC is resisting this change on a number of grounds and BIAV supports this resistance,” said BIAV President Mark Crockford.

“It appears the Turnbull Coalition Government is intent on forcing the State of Victoria to rescind current recreational fishery management of this species, and this will be to the detriment of Victoria’s recreational fishers and our industry.”

It is understood that Victorian recreational fishery management is world leading and the entire industry benefits to a large degree from this. The Victorian trailer boat sector is especially reliant on sustainably managed fisheries and beneficial access to them.

The Southern Bluefin Tuna fishery along the west coast of Victoria drives a huge economic contribution to Victoria and the region, including hundreds of jobs within the boating industry.

“We are very confident that Australian obligations to the CCSBT are not under threat from the Victorian recreational fishery and the role our recreational fishers play in proper stewardship towards rebuilding stocks of this species is well understood,” stated Crockford.

“Let there be no doubt about our industry position on this issue and the importance of this fishery to Victorians. We can only accept a very well justified case for any changes to the status quo.

“Our industry stands with Minister Pulford in advocating for current fishery management arrangements whilst the Commonwealth undertakes the agreed surveys and then fully consults before implementing any changes.”

Photo: Southern Bluefin Tuna beneath the surface. Photo