R Marine Jacksons Pty Ltd

Shop 1, 36 Jetty Road Sandringham Yacht Club, Sandringham VIC 3191  Tel: 03 9598 7777

R Marine Jacksons are the sole Victorian & Tasmanian dealer for Riviera & Belize Motor Yachts

Riviera Range
The Riviera range consists of the Sport Yacht, Flybridge & SUV models. With 15 luxury boats to choose from, all Australian made and owned on the Gold Coast.

Belize Motoryachts
If the legendary wooden boats of our past had kept evolving, how might they look today? Belize could well offer some insights. We sense they may have stayed with a lower profile than many of today’s offerings. Not just for beauty’s sake, but because the more tall and top-heavy a boat, the more ungainly and susceptible to windage.

New & used Riviera and Belize, brokerage all brands