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Nano-Clear protects & rejuvenate almost any surface

A single component clear coat ready to go straight from the Tin saving time and money, requiring no mixing or wastage. Rejuvenates highly oxidised surfaces to restore colour, gloss and UV properties to better than OEM.

Provides extreme weather resistance, high scratch resistance, innovative self cleaning properties and being chemical and solvent proof makes for easy maintenance. With almost limitless potential Nanoclear is being used to cover every aspect of marine, transport, automotive and architecture.

Through the use of 3D Molecular and Cross Linking Technology Nano-Clear are streets ahead of all other Products in its field. Not one other Company or Product in the World has this technology and we prove it everyday.

BMW AUTOMOTIVE recently validated “Nano-Clear Coating by stating it has the highest gloss levels and DOI of any clear coat system they have ever tested”

Tested and proven by Stonebridge, Nippon Paints, Saudi Standards, SASO and American Racing Wheels along with others since 2012 putting Nano-CLear above all other clear coat products.

Nano Clear is the only authorised importer and approved applicator of Nano Clear products. Our experienced applicators will come to you to assess and organise the job. For a free, no obligation quote, call 0418 308 526 today.