Next Generation Towsport Performance

Next Generation Towsport Performance

How do you make a great day on the water even better? With MerCruiser’s new 6.2L V8 towsport inboard.

Refined to provide water skiers, wake boarders, surfers and other towsport enthusiasts with a flawless blend of torque, pulling power, and launch propulsion, the all new MerCruiser 6.2L V8 is the perfect partner on the water.

Purpose-built for marine use, the new towsport V8 is highly durable, reliable and fuel efficient while delivering more of the muscle needed to get people out of the water and carving through it.

Key to this is the engine’s performance-tuned scroll intake manifolds allow for better low- and mid-range air flow for improved torque exactly where it’s needed most.

MerCruiser’s towsport V8 comes standard with Adaptive Speed Control technology, which automatically holds a set rpm point regardless of turns, changing water condition or the activities of those on the end of the rope.

It also means the driver can keep both hands on the wheel for more precise control and increased safety.

The rear facing throttle body and noise reducing air intake resonator makes the Mercury 6.2L towsport engine one of the quietest V8s on the market. Together with the specially designed vibration dampening engine mounts, these engines are sure to please all on board when it comes to ride quality and comfort.

The new 6.2L V8 towsport inboard is also fully compatible with the optional Smart Tow® control system which ensures the perfect launch and speed control. It offers an array of pre-set profiles, or can be customised to suit every rider.

Developed from the existing MerCruiser 6.2-litre V8 sterndrive engine, the new towsport specialist also boasts the ultimate anti-corrosion protection system.

Durable cast-iron componentry has been used wherever the engine encounters raw water. Elsewhere in the engine, composites and marine alloys provide lightweight efficiency.