Fusion-Link Lite open source platform launched

Fusion-Link Lite open source platform launched

FUSION®, a worldwide leader in marine audio, has announced the release of FUSION-Link Lite – an open-source audio control platform, allowing accessory manufacturers the opportunity to network with FUSION’s superior marine entertainment systems.

Whether a steering wheel manufacturer, smart watch designer, digital switching provider, or anything in between, FUSION-Link Lite simplifies implementation of the advanced FUSION source code. The platform gives third-party accessories the ability to adjust volume, skip tracks or change sources on compatible FUSION systems and is capable of being networked to a host of devices via NMEA 2000, Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity.

“FUSION-Link has achieved an overwhelming popularity in the marine market,” said Chris Baird, managing director, FUSION Entertainment. “Due to the growing need by consumers to have a level of audio control never before seen in the industry, we were approached by a number of accessory manufacturers looking to integrate our systems with their devices. FUSION-Link Lite is a powerful solution for our partners to design a new future of marine entertainment.”

Debuting at the 2015 Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS), FUSION-Link partners Isotta and Gussi will showcase streamlined audio control on their revolutionary marine steering wheels. The Gussi and Isotta ISM are the first smart steering wheels to integrate FUSION-Link for direct audio control.

These steering wheels give boaters the ability to quickly skip to their favorite music while still paying attention to the water ahead. Additionally, FUSION-Link partner Garmin has also implemented FUSION-Link on their dynamic Fenix 3 smartwatch. The Garmin Fenix 3 will offer direct control of FUSION entertainment when paired with a connected smartphone.

For more information on FUSION-Link Lite, visit www.fusion-link.com/lite. This dedicated website has been created for product designers looking to access the source code.

Developers can register for a FUSION account on the above link to receive the API specifications, supporting implementation documentation and marketing guidelines.