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Project Echo - Adventure Support Yacht

Echo Yachts, headquartered at Henderson in Western Australia is Australia’s largest builder of custom Superyachts, Expedition and Yacht Support Vessels tailored to suit each Client’s exact requirements. They've recently unveiled their new Adventure Support Yacht, aptly named 'Project Echo' designed in collaboration with renowned industry experts Bannenberg & Rowell Design, Tritonluxury submersibles and Incat Crowther Naval Architects.

With a strong focus on both form and function, plus its 50m catamaran hull form, the 495 GT 'Project Echo' introduces and demonstrates a totally fresh approach to both the charter Adventure Yacht and Superyacht Support vessel markets.

In addition to Bannenberg & Rowell’s cutting edge exterior styling and features, 'Project Echo' is designed on a perfectly suited and pre-proven heavy seas offshore catamaran platform providing class leading performance, exceptional fuel efficiency, superior cargo space and stability, plus optimal long range safety and redundancy for submarine launch and retrieval operations.

Other class leading features include a submarine Launch and Recovery System (LARS), cargo deadweight carry capacity of 40 tonnes, long range and heavy seas cruising capabilities, integrated deck cargo transfer rail / tie down system and dedicated undercroft protection and technical lockers for the Submarines.

True to form, Echo Yachts offer a full suite of options and 'Project Echo' can be further customized to suit each Clients exact requirements in terms of interior layout, technical equipment, special interior and exterior finishes upgrades.

An immediate project start and build slot is available.

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