Sirocco Marine North

14/75 Waterway Drive Coomera QLD 4209  Tel: 07 5519 9653

We’ve brought the world’s best rigid inflatable boats to Australian shores.
At Sirocco Marine North, there is no room for second best. We proudly carry the world’s leading brands of rigid inflatable boats, giving Australian boat owners the best in quality, service and value.

About Sirocco Marine North.
Sirocco Marine North is a family owned business, my wife Lillian and daughters Havana and Lava play a big role in the business and more importantly my life. Established in 2008 we have continually increased our brand and service offering during this period.

Big brands, best quality.
Our biggest seller is BRIG, Europe’s leading brand of Rigid Inflatable Boats. From England comes Williams the world’s leading jet-powered tenders which are tailor-made for the world’s luxury cruisers. Then there’s Sealegs from NZ, the innovative go-anywhere, do-anything amphibious craft. For the best value, there’s our own Sirocco range of inflatable tenders, in five versatile formats.

Best support.
Through our Australia-wide dealer network, you’ll find expert advice and prompt warranty support. Each dealer has a range of models in stock for prompt delivery. Then when it’s time to trade up, the strength of Sirocco Marine North also ensures greater resale value, for a rewarding ownership experience. Welcome to Sirocco Marine North.