Marshall Batteries

National all suburbs & marinas, QLD, NSW, SA, NT, WA, Tas, VIC, Tel: 1300 627 742


Marshall comes to you 24/7. For leading marine batteries HOLLER. Over 80 years’ exp. servicing Australians for all their marine, PWC, car, truck & motorcycle battery needs.

Built rugged to resist impact and rough water vibration – a leading cause of failure in marine batteries.

Marine Starting – Start first time every time with Exide’s Marine Starting Batteries. Superior vibration resistance for an extra long life and reliability. Designed to provide high starting power for outboard & inboard motors with sealed maintenance free Calcium/Calcium technology.

Deep Cycle – Excellent cycling for long operating hours, built to withstand rugged marine use. The battery choice for remote operation of marine accessories over extended periods. Features AGM technology, spill proof for added safety, vibration resistant.

Dual purpose – Sealed dual purpose, designed to power boats with one battery bank for both starting & accessories. Constructed using thicker plates, glass matt separators and a different active material to balance starting ability with cycling to provide adequate dual purpose power.