Marina Exchange

3/224 Headland Road North Curl Curl NSW 2099  Tel: 0450 909 604

Marina Exchange is a mobile APP that allows marinas to list their vacant and transient berths. Boaters can rent these berths on-the-fly or request a booking for a future date via the APP. This technology is revolutionary to the industry. Marina Exchange – Finding a berth – Made easy!

It’s for Boaters
Marina Exchange was created by boaters, for boaters. We’re here to revolutionize the boating industry by giving marinas and customers a means to communicate in real time. No more missed opportunities, no more lost revenue. Save time and book a berth or mooring with Marina Exchange without the stress.

It’s for Marinas
Your customers want to make the most of their boating time and you want to make the most of your space. Marina Exchange will put

you in direct contact with your customer base, and provide you with a platform for booking that ensure satisfaction and convenience.

Marina Exchange gives customers the power to find your empty berths and moorings with ease. No more guessing and missed opportunities. Boaters can simply search our application and, based on your information, we can match you up in real time and make the most of your time and space.

With just the touch of a button a boater can book their berth or moorings for that very same day and any vacancies forward.