Honda Australia Motorcycle & Power Equipment Pty Ltd

1954-1956 Sydney Road Campbellfield VIC 3061  Tel: 1300 559 846

World Renowned Honda Reliability: With Honda’s dedication to performance and innovation, Honda delivers power with unmatched reliability.
At Honda, we build engines that can be relied on to perform day in, day out. Our deep level of experience and commitment to precision manufacturing techniques, has allowed Honda to build a reputation for consistency.

Unrivalled Performance: Honda outboard engines integrate the most effective systems and technologies for their power range, so you get unrivalled speed and acceleration no matter what size you use, at any rpm. Over the years, we have used our experience as the world’s largest engine manufacturer to perfect four-stroke engines that are clean, quiet and economical.

Outstanding Fuel Economy: Honda four-stroke technology ensures low fuel consumption without compromising on performance. By comparison, Honda four-stroke outboards are around 50% more fuel efficient than conventional two-stroke models. Honda’s technology also reduces harmful exhaust emissions.


Quiet Operation: All Honda four-stroke engines are quiet yet powerful and fuel efficient. With advanced engineering, exclusive Honda technologies and our pursuit of excellence, Honda will continue to offer high quality products that set the standard in engine technology that are whisper quiet.

Specialised Dealer Network: Honda’s range of four-stroke marine outboard engines are supported by Honda’s extensive national dealer network and Honda Australia’s dedicated after sales support team.

Peace of Mind: With our dedication to performance and innovation, Honda delivers power with unmatched reliability. To back this up Honda is proud to announce the extension of the 7* year domestic warranty and 3* year commercial warranty. The Honda warranty maintains the same value throughout its lifetime, ensuring the last day of cover is exactly the same as the first; peace of mind on all Honda outboard owners.
*Conditions apply: