Fuelwise Management Systems

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Leaders in Fuel Management Technology
Fuelwise provides vessel and vehicle operators and fleet owners the tools to effectively manage and reduce fuel consumption in a practical and cost effective manner. Contact us to find out how we can help you manage your fuel consumption.

Blueflow Onboard gives you instant feedback on your ship or boat’s fuel consumption. High accuracy fuel flow sensors are installed with the powerful Blueflow Onboard Display.

Functions & Features
Blueflow Onboard integrates with various other onboard systems and flowmeters to monitor fuel and energy consumption and other paramters in real time.

  • Momentary liters/nautical mile
  • Momentary liters/hour
  • Speed
  • Multi engine support
  • Tank meter
  • Vectorised graphic technology
  • Trip meter with fuel consumption
  • Touch screen support
  • Display dim function
  • Compact view support
  • Customisable
  • CSV file data export support

Blueflow Online helps you monitor your fleet in real time and gives you full control over your fleet’s fuel consumption by using an online statistics tool that’s functionality is simple and easy to use.

MRV Regulation
Blueflow Online is prepared for the EU Regulation 2015/757. Therefore, ships with Blueflow installed will comply with the regulation and be able to generate the mandatory yearly CO2 reports.