Breaking News - We're currently preparing the 2018 Victorian print edition

We're currently preparing the 2018 Victorian print edition of Shipmate Marine Directory timed to be out in November 2017.

10,000 copies will be distributed free to boaters via yacht clubs, marinas, marine organisations and selected marine businesses.

We've been publishing an annual, pocket print edition in Victoria since 2005.  Advertising is now open.

Shipmate Marine Directory is the perfect vehicle for any organisation wanting to reach recreational boaters and the marine industry in general. We breifly outline below a range of opportunities for advertisers to reach a concentrated market of boaters at a very modest cost. Opportunities include:

A Priority Listing Online. This simple low cost option is ideal for any business or organisation already listed within the directory especially if you have your own website. Priority Listings appear before any standard listings within each category with a link to your own website. The link transports customers directly to your own web site with a single keystroke and ensures potential customers see all that you have to offer. Linked listings take priority over unlinked listings and appear closer to the top of the category. Cost $90 + GST Per annum.

A premium line listing Online. Highlight your entry and allow visitors to see more of what you have to offer, additional lines of description + a photo (or logo) within the category section. This is also linked to your own page within Shipmate providing more words, pictures and even video. And all linked to your own website. Premium line listings appear before all other listings within each category. Cost $199 + GST per annum.

A animated banner. An animated banner appearing across all pages of the Shipmate website gives you the highest profile and ensures your product or service is highly exposed to customers already looking for your product or service. The banner links directly to your web site.

Shipmate News Our twice-monthly marine e-newsletter is emailed to over 4000 subscribers. Now you can reach a highly concentrated group of boaters and water users. You'll be surprised at the low cost of an animated ad that is linked directly to your website.

For more details, or to discuss any of the above options contact us
Shipmate Directories: PO Box 962 Williamstown Vic 3016
Phone: 03 9399 9194
Mob: 0418 587 799



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